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Juli 4, 2010

July 4th Blast in Year One of „The Spill“

– or –

A Bitter World Cupful of Crude Oil & Sound Waves

This post will start out with a tiny, oily wave – eventually reviving this dormant blog with a plastic trumpet call!

Wavelets have been rippling through my brain ever since global World Cup fever 2010 has infected a significant percentage of world’s thinking individuals, transforming them into patriotic swarms – largely blotting out from the collective screen of consciousness the news of dying wildlife within and all around the Gulf of Mexico: Drowning out the fate of a dying ocean in Vuvuzelian hummings, in sounds reminiscent almost of a biblical insect plague. The blasting sound of a swarm was considered to be a sign of warning, then… – …and now?!

Global BP (formerly: British Petroleum – now actually bp: beyond petroleum) may consider themselves extremely lucky that a globally dominant, serious interest in football has displaced serious worries about our global interests from dominant headlines – for the time being. And yet not from all of our consciousnesses… Plus, this is not „merely“ about BP’s spill either. „The Spill“ is an inevitable icon for the dangerously leaky foundations of human civilization as we take it for granted – despite our knowing better, or rather, despite of all our bitter knowledge of its faulty, rickety state.

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